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Win the UK Lotto Jackpot




Select up to 20 numbers:




Select up to 20 numbers:




Select up to 20 numbers:




Select up to 20 numbers:




Select up to 20 numbers:






With this option you are playing 1 draw. You can choose more draws to have a discount and improve your chances of winning the millionaire jackpot.

With 4 draws your chances of winning increases. Remember that participating in more draws increases your chances of winning the millionaire jackpot.

Playing 12 draws is a very good choice. But we recommend to choose the option of 24 or 48 draws in order to maximize your chances of winning the millionaire jackpot.

Playing 24 draws increases your chances of winning the millionaire jackpot and also receives a greater discount.

Playing 48 draws is the best choice. Now you have maximized your chances of winning the millionaire jackpot.



Tickets: 0
Draws: 1

What is the UK Lotto?

UK Lotto was launched in November 1994 to offer bettors the chance to win life-changing prizes. Since then, Lotto, its symbolic game, has undergone a number of changes including the addition of a Wednesday draw in February 1997 and the introduction of the Lotto Raffle in October 2013.

A new prize structure was also introduced in November 2018, increasing the second prize to £ 1 million and limiting the number of consecutive times a prize can be accumulated to five. As part of these changes, the Lotto Millionaire Raffle was discontinued.

There are 59 balls in total that make up and define the winning combinations, and curiously they are divided into colors so that each ten numbers is of a different color (1 to 9 are white, 10 to 19, blue, from 20 to 29, pink, and so the next ten are green, yellow, and purple).

How to play UK Lotto?

Playing Lotto UK at SomosLotto is very easy, if you already have a user account, it is simply a matter of entering the Lotto UK screen, place the bets you want and proceed to make the payment through any of the means of payment that we put at your disposal.

For those who do not yet have a user account, they can register in a few seconds and then the login procedure is the same. Once on our page to play Lotto UK we can see 5 blocks or columns with boxes numbered from 1 to 59 respectively, and we must choose 6 numbers from the first column (a ticket) if you want to make a single bet.

Remember, there are two ways to choose the numbers on your ticket: manually or, from wherever you like, with the quick selection tool that we offer you at SomosLotto.

There are 6 prize categories in UK Lotto results:

  • First category: Matching 6 numbers of the drawn combination, wins the highest pot.
  • Category 2: Matching all 5 numbers plus the bonus ball, you win an estimated prize of £ 50,000.
  • Category 3: Matching 5 numbers for an estimated prize of £ 1,000.
  • Fourth category: Matching 4 numbers, you get a prize of approximately £ 100.
  • Fifth category: Matching 3 numbers, you get £ 25.
  • Sixth category: Matching 2 numbers, win a free Lotto Lucky Dip ticket.

How to win the UK Lotto?

There are a number of ways that you can win a prize by participating in the UK lottery, but if you want to win the jackpot you must match all six numbers. However, there are five other prize categories ranging from hitting three balls to five balls plus the bonus ball.

Don't forget, your chances of winning a UK Lotto prize are 1 in 9.3. Lotto UK prizes include details of the various prize categories and the chances of winning each one. Also, your odds of hitting all six main numbers and winning the biggest pot are 1 in 45,057,474.

How much can I earn?

The initial jackpot for UK Lotto draws is divided into two days: a minimum of € 2 million on Wednesdays, and € 3.8 million on Saturdays. They can even be higher if ticket sales are sufficient.

The UK Lotto jackpot can be accumulated up to a maximum of five consecutive draws. After that, a raffle called "Must Be Won" is held, in which it is guaranteed that the highest prize among the other prizes will be awarded. In case no one matches the six numbers and the jackpot is available after the “Must Be Won” draw, the money for said prize is distributed among the winners of the other prize categories, ranging from those with 3 hits to those of 5 hits plus the bonus ball. Remember that you can buy your ticket at

Write down the following advice, nephew: your chances multiply with each ticket you buy, try to be constant that very soon fortune could knock on your door. Also, you can check the UK Lotto results in our Results section, under the "Lotteries" tab.

Four years ago, on 9 January 2016, two lucky players shared a pot of £ 66,070,646 by matching all six numbers plus the bonus ball, which turned out to be the record for the largest UK Lotto prize won. Now what would you do if you were next?

How to buy a UK Lotto ticket?

There are many ways to buy a ticket in UK Lotto, it can be in the traditional way, going to an authorized physical store and purchasing your ticket in cash or with a card. Next, you must fill out a coupon and manually choose the numbers you prefer, then print your official UK Lotto ticket. The other way is much easier and simpler today. We mean through the web, online, thanks to Somoslotto.

UK Lotto is available in its online version at for everyone from the comfort of your home and whenever you like. So can you buy UK Lotto tickets without getting out of bed? The answer is yes. Keep reading this article and we will tell you how to start the search to fulfill your millionaire dream.

The first and perhaps the most important step is to create an account, go to, a page that guarantees a safe and reliable game to all its players. After registering, enter the Lotteries section, locate UK Lotto, choose your six numbers (and your bonus ball) and purchase your ticket through our different payment methods. Finally, you should keep an eye on the UK Lotto results.

Additional information about UK Lotto

Ticket prices: Buying a UK Lotto ticket online costs 4.02 USD, a more than affordable price, which should be considered a short-term investment.

Draw Dates: UK Lotto draws, one of the most famous lotteries on the planet, take place once or twice a week. Every Wednesday and Saturday at 7:30 PM local UK time (Wednesday and Saturday at 2:30 PM in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Mexico time / Wednesday and Saturday at 4:30 PM in Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay time) and the results will appear on our SomosLotto page in a matter of minutes.

Tips for UK Lotto online

The first great tip is to play with the same combinations in all the draws, so in each new draw you will have more chances of winning. The second is the frequency of play, as you participate in more draws you will be closer to reaching the dream. The most important thing in the lottery is perseverance, so you must keep playing that the day will come when you least expect it.

Bettors in the UK and around the world love UK Lotto for fascinating and unpredictable prizes. The fact that there are two draws a week makes this lottery really exciting for lottery lovers. The guaranteed jackpot that could make you a millionaire is another great reason to play UK Lotto!

Don't waste any more time reading, if you are interested in this amazing way to invest in your dream of being a millionaire, register at and join the millions of bettors who play the UK Lotto. To stay informed of everything about UK Lotto, you can look for the latest news about this lottery and others in our news section.


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