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US Powerball RESULTS

  • 8
  • 12
  • 18
  • 44
  • 51
  • 18

Prize Breakdown

  • Division
  • Match
  • Payout Per Winner
  • Prize 1
  • 5+1
  • $ 216,000,000.00
  • Prize 2
  • 5+0
  • $ 1,000,000.00
  • Prize 3
  • 4+1
  • $ 50,000.00
  • Prize 4
  • 4+0
  • $ 100.00
  • Prize 5
  • 3+1
  • $ 100.00
  • Prize 6
  • 3+0
  • $ 7.00
  • Prize 7
  • 2+1
  • $ 7.00
  • Prize 8
  • 1+1
  • $ 4.00
  • Prize 9
  • 0+1
  • $ 4.00

What is the Powerball?

The Powerball lottery started on April 22, 1922 in the United States and was so successful that it moved to the famous America lottery, making it the largest lottery game in the world. Day by day, Powerball gathers more players around the globe, this due to the impressive prizes that this lottery gives its players. Powerball jackpots are usually impressive and set record awards never delivered. Join us to read all the information on this lottery and have a closer look to start playing here.

How to play the Powerball?

Playing Powerball, like many lotteries, is very simple. Here you must choose 5 numbers between a range of 1 to 69, in addition, you must choose an additional number that is known as “Powerball”, this last number must be between 1 and 26. The first 5 main numbers will be in your blue ticket, while the “Powerball” will be red.

It should be noted that playing at will get more benefits than anywhere else. After creating an account in Somoslotto, you can play Powerball even easier, we offer all our players the “Quick Selection” option, which saves the player time when selecting the 6 numbers that could make you take the jackpot of the Powerball lottery.

How to win the Powerball lottery?

To win the jackpot, you must match all the selected numbers. Both the 5 natural numbers and the extra number. When winning at Powerball, there are two ways to collect the prize, in cash or in installments. A fundamental fact is that, being the winner in this lottery, you can remain anonymous according to an established law that protects the winners of lotteries.

How much can i earn?

Powerball offers the biggest jackpot in the entire lottery industry, it is very common to see the results of this lottery’s draws occupying the news headlines, for the exuberant figures that its winners deliver. Something that stands out is that his minimum prize is 40,000,000 USD, an amount that has the ability to multiply until someone manages to take it away.

Powerball is a lottery that establishes jackpots that exceed what is imagined. For example, in 2016, the jackpot reached 1,586,000,000 USD, this draw awarded 3 players, giving them a prize of 327,800,000 USD for each winning ticket. Another remembered award occurred recently, last year 578,000,000 USD was awarded to a single player. Can you imagine?

Keep in mind that this lottery offers 9 different categories of prizes and you can win money by matching only one number, yes, a single number. If you are interested in knowing all these categories, you can access the Lotteries-> Powerball. As you will notice, Powerball is totally worth playing, a lottery game that at any moment could fulfill all your dreams.

Additional Powerball Information

Ticket prices: Playing a single ticket on Powerball costs 3.80 USD, a minimal investment that can fulfill the dream of winning the lottery and becoming a millionaire. Consider that the more tickets you buy, the more chances of winning you have.

Draw dates: If you buy a ticket in Powerball, you must know when the draw takes place. This lottery conducts its drawings twice a week. Every Tuesday and Saturday at 10:59 pm New York State local time 
(Tuesdays and Saturdays at 9:59 PM in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Mexico time / Wednesday and Sunday at 12:59 AM in Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay time). We advise you not to miss any raffle, as each of them gives you new chances to win millions of dollars. Do not miss the day of your luck. Be part of all the Powerball drawings in Somoslotto.

Tips for online Powerball

We suggest you play when a rollover occurs. Powerball is the lottery with the highest rollovers you can find. The largest registered rollover in all history reached 1,500,000,000 USD! Check the most frequent numbers that have come out in the last draws on our “Results” page so that you can use them on your next ticket.

Don’t waste any more time and register at, playing the lottery has never been so much fun. Remember that if you want to win, you should not stop trying. Have fun from anywhere, have fun at Somoslotto.


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