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Player Protection

At Somoslotto, we are committed and focused on ensuring that each of our players approves the maximum of our service with attention. We do not recommend that you spend more than you can manage the cost and we need to keep track of your expenses responsibly.

The lottery is a great form of entertainment for everyone, whenever responsible. In Somoslotto, we recognize that the game could be a real problem for some and we would like to avoid any possible addictive behavior in this site. As our goal is to guarantee a safe environment for everyone, Somoslotto has adopted a policy of zero tolerance for those who have added to the game and advises those who use our services to have a clean and honest lottery experience.


Minor protection

Somoslotto strictly does not allow minors under 18 to participate in the lottery using any of our services. In fact, we make sure not to advertise, sponsor or market to underage children.

To protect minors, we suggest that you use the following guidelines:

During the day do not leave the computer unattended computer while you are connected.

Use appropriate software measures that allow minors to access gaming sites (for example, Net Nanny filtration software or Cyber ​​Sitter filtration software

Keep the details of your bank account and credit card in a safe place so that no minor can access them, and never reveal these details to minors.

It notes that any minor, under 18 years old, is registered with us, immediate contacts.


Conscious betting

As we mentioned earlier, the lottery is essentially a recreational pastime and should not be considered as a way to make a living. To avoid pathological gambling, we use a system that monitors the behavior of a player and tries to recognize the initial signs of an addiction to gambling or other problems.

To reduce your personal risk of a gambling problem, we suggest that you limit your time and money before you can refrain from participating in any game if you are under influence.


If you have a problem with the game, here are the next questions:

Can I escape to an unhappy or boring life?

Do I keep myself from working at the university alone to play?

If I am without money, I feel desperate and lost and need to go back to it before it is possible?

Did I even think my last penny was gone? Have you ever lied to hide the time and the singing I spent playing? Has anyone ever criticized my game?

Did he steal, lied to him to get money to bet and pay gambling debts?

Did he lose interest in my family, friends or anybody else?

Did I ever need to go back to play solo to make up for lost games?

Do the problems, the crisis, the frustrations or the disappointments hack me more?

Did I ever feel depressed or suicidal due to my game?

If you agree with the previous questions, we hope that you may have a problem with the game. If this is the case, you must give a step forward and contact an official organization to obtain support and information on how to deal with an addiction.

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