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  • 2
  • 5
  • 10
  • 29
  • 34
  • 41

Prize Breakdown

  • Division
  • Match
  • Payout Per Winner
  • Prize 1
  • 6
  • $ 0.00
  • Prize 2
  • 5
  • $ 5,368.67
  • Prize 3
  • 4
  • $ 132.83

What is the Mega-Sena?

Mega-Sena is the most important lottery in Brazil, recognized worldwide for being one of the most famous and played South American lotteries. Mega-Sena has the ability to rub shoulders with other famous lotteries in the world, offering millionaire prizes.This excellent Brazilian lottery game was founded in 1961 and since its first draw the unique draw format has been practiced and a super draw that is performed once a year, known as Mega da Virada online.

Today, the Mega-Sena lottery distributes its profits in favor of charity programs that promote social and cultural development, something that speaks highly of Mega-Sena online, a lottery with social responsibility.

Mega-Sena is also recognized as one of the largest lotteries in South America due to its reputation for delivering impressive millionaire prizes to its players.

How to play Mega-Sena?

If you are interested or interested in knowing how to play Mega Sena online, you are in the right place. At, we guarantee the best lottery games in the world like the Mega Sena lottery. It is very simple: you must first create an account, then make your first deposit and finally buy a Mega-Sena ticket.

You will have to choose 6 numbers between a range of 1 to 60. Remember that the more tickets you buy, your chances of winning the lottery multiply. Mega-Sena offers multiple prize categories to all its players, if you are interested in knowing them, continue reading this article.

How to win the Mega-Sena lottery?

Winning the Mega-Sena lottery is very easy. You must hit the 6 selected numbers to win the jackpot of this Brazilian lottery. Mega-Sena offers all its players the opportunity to win with 3 different results, that is, it has 3 categories to reward the winners.

The first is the one that has already been mentioned, with the 6 hits. It should be noted that Mega-Sena's millionaire prize has a minimum value of 2,000,000 million reais (more than 380,000 USD), something that places it at the top of one of the largest lottery prizes in South America. Then, there are categories 2 and 3, which award players with 5 and 4 correct answers respectively. We emphasize that, in case the lottery does not present any winner, this millionaire jackpot accumulates until the next draw in which the next winner could be you.

TIP: Perseverance and persistence should always prevail in a player who actually wants to win the lottery. Therefore, the more tickets you acquire in the same draw and as you participate in more draws, your chances of winning the Mega-Sena lottery multiply in each of these recommended actions.

How much can I earn in Mega-Sena?

As mentioned before, Mega-Sena is a Brazilian lottery that is recognized in South America and around the world for awarding millionaire prizes to its winners. Currently, Mega Sena has a millionaire pot of 2,500,000 million reais (around half a million dollars) and it could be yours if you participate in the next draw.

But if we talk about records of millionaire prizes in lotteries, in 1999, Mega-Sena gave a prize of 64.900.000 million reais to a Salvadoran player. A year in which it was still not customary to deliver a tremendous amount of prize in this part of the world. Being an event that marked the history of lotteries.

Without straying so far from the present, a few years ago, a ticket hit the winning combination and took the second largest millionaire mega-Sena jackpot: 53.100.000 million reais. Remember that if you want to know more about this lottery, you can access Mega-Sena information or Mega-Sena news.

How to buy a ticket on Mega-Sena?

Buying a ticket at Mega Sena has never been easier. At you can buy a Mega-Sena ticket from where you are and at any time of the day. To buy it, you must have an account and have made a deposit. Once you have completed these essential steps to play Mega-Sena, you must select 6 numbers between 1 and 60. You can do it in two ways: manually or using the quick selection tool that we have for you.

Either way, you will be accessing the Mega-Sena draw safely. Then buy your tickets and voila, wait for the results of Mega Sena and fulfill your millionaire dream. Remember that you can check the results of Mega-Sena online in our section "Mega-Sena Results".

Additional information about Mega-Sena

Ticket prices: The price of a single Mega-Sena ticket is 1.62 USD, which is quite affordable for all players. At Somoslotto we allow you to make a minimum purchase of 3 tickets in one to offer you a better chance of winning the lottery.

Draw Dates: Mega-Sena offers two drawings during the week. Mega-Sena drawings are held every Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8:00 PM Sao Paulo time (Wednesdays and Saturdays at 6:00 PM in  Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Mexico time / Wednesdays and Saturdays at 08:00 PM in Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay time). You can purchase your Mega Sena ticket at as well as check the winning numbers in our Mega-Sena 2020 Results section.

Tips for Mega-Sena online

The lottery numbers that win the most in Mega-Sena are 10, 53, 5, 23, 4, 7, so buy your Mega Sena ticket at, be sure to include one of these numbers and your chances could increase considerably. On the other hand, the numbers that are awarded less frequently are 3, 15, 22, 21, 55 and 26. These being the numbers that have not recently appeared in the draws.

Some lottery players are more careful and are governed by very particular cabals when choosing their winning numbers, therefore, we mention a statistic that could help you analyze your choice from another perspective. The numbers that have taken the longest to win are 42 (113 days), 44 (92 days), 21 (82 days), 56 and 54 (77 days) and 47 (75 days).


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