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Win the El Gordo Jackpot


Take part in a Group Play with lots of tickets and Win millions.



($9.90per share)



1 draw is a weak choice. Choose more draws in purpose to maximize your chances to win the JackPot.

Participating in 4 draws is better than participating in 1 draw. As big amount of draws you participate as bigger your chances to win the JackPot.

12 draws is a good choice, but we strongly recommend you to choose the option of 24 or 48 draws in purpose to maximize your chances to win the JackPot.

Participating in 24 draws raises you chances to win the JackPot.

48 draws is the best selection. Now you maximized your chances to win the JackPot.



Lines: 50
Shares: 1
Draws: 1


  1. 361432467
  2. 19273738472
  3. 16171924252
  4. 161441471
  5. 272936500
  6. 451539483
  7. 14213043502
  8. 11121829402
  9. 24323744508
  10. 17273340441
  11. 251947507
  12. 12935510
  13. 691112418
  14. 1101416497
  15. 4142529388
  16. 22233536470
  17. 14182225294
  18. 7173940452
  19. 2101516344
  20. 9262738406
  21. 3121332434
  22. 20232629463
  23. 232245516
  24. 19253234427
  25. 9243350545
  1. 8194649536
  2. 7184649523
  3. 12343644545
  4. 10163536408
  5. 7192226278
  6. 461218249
  7. 4172231438
  8. 671017514
  9. 7142427435
  10. 16284050549
  11. 3223536484
  12. 22353645494
  13. 132547488
  14. 12192347491
  15. 12173945513
  16. 17213439465
  17. 9263042436
  18. 13334951536
  19. 691324398
  20. 5233031393
  21. 491731401
  22. 9313641446
  23. 32344246478
  24. 23303749526
  25. 18324445515

What is El Gordo?

The “El Gordo” or “El Gordo de La Primitiva” lottery is a game of chance regulated by “Loterías y Apuestas del Estado” (LAE), a Spanish lottery operator owned by the Government of Spain, attached to the Ministry of Finance . Its first draw was held on October 31, 1993, and was for a minimum bet of 500 pesetas, with the same game system as "La Primitiva", but on a monthly basis.

The following year, exactly on June 26, the first important prize of this lottery was awarded in the city of Córdoba, which amounted to 1,116 million pesetas, Spanish currency in those years. On October 12, 1997, the first major evolution of "El Gordo" took place, by changing the format of the draw, going from a monthly draw to a weekly one and, in addition, introducing the concept of accumulative jackpots automatically and the reduction of the amount of the ticket of 250 pesetas, half the cost in the beginning.

With the arrival of the euro as the single currency in the European Union in 2002, the wells grew considerably, achieving prizes of 17 million euros in 2003 and 2004. Finally, the best modification that El Gordo had was achieved, by ensuring a fixed pot, guaranteeing the thrill of winning a big prize in every draw.

How to play El Gordo?

To play El Gordo online, you must choose 5 numbers from 1 to 54 and the refund from 1 to 9, completing a minimum of three lines, and your individual play is ready. You can also choose a random selection of the numbers or play with more numbers than the usual 7 (between 7 and 11), through the systematic form. In this way, you will get all possible combinations of the selected numbers and your chances of winning will grow significantly.

In addition, you can enjoy the other options offered by this lottery, such as participating in a "Group Game" (Buying participations of the tickets you want or "VIP Packages" (Buying several tickets for several draws with a discount). The first category has a guaranteed minimum prize of five million euros. In case there are no first category winners, 50% of the reserved amount (11% of the T collection) is added to the minimum prize (or to the previous accumulated amount) for the first prize category of the next drawing This often produces big jackpots.

How to win the El Gordo lottery?

To win the El Gordo jackpot you have to match 5 numbers (between 1 and 54) and a key (between 0 and 9). The probability of winning the El Gordo jackpot is approximately 1 in 30 million (31,625,100, exactly).

The prize is divided equally among all the winners of the category, which are the following: 5 numbers = 1 in 3.1 million / 4 numbers = 1 in 316 thousand / 3 numbers = 1 in 25 thousand / 2 numbers = 1 in 1.4 thousand.

For any of the categories that includes the key as the winning category, you simply have to divide by 10 which is the probability of matching the key number.

How much can I earn?

The millionaire starting jackpot of this lottery is 5,000,000 EUR. This amount will continue to grow each time there is no "jackpot" winner in the drawing, which you can win when two numbers are matched. As mentioned above, the odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 30 million.

Write down the following advice: Your chances multiply with each ticket you buy, make sure to be determined and constant that your lucky day could come sooner than you imagine. Also, you can check the results of El Gordo in our "Results" section, within the "Lotteries" tab.

The biggest prize that “El Gordo” gave away was won by a single winner, matching all 5 numbers and the refund. The lucky man won, nothing more and nothing less than the figure of 53 million euros, a figure that would change anyone's life. What would you do if you were the next one?

How to buy a ticket in El Gordo?

There are many ways to buy a ticket in El Gordo, there is the traditional way, approaching a physical authorized store and buying your ticket in cash or with a card. Then, fill out a coupon and choose the numbers you prefer manually, then your official El Gordo ticket is printed. The other way is even simpler and more common today. Online, thanks to Somoslotto.

El Gordo is available in its online version at for everyone from the comfort of your home and whenever you want. So, is it feasible to buy El Gordo tickets sitting from the armchair in my living room? The answer is of course. Keep reading this article and we will tell you how to start fulfilling your dream of being a millionaire.

The first step and perhaps the most important is to create an account, enter, a page that guarantees a safe and reliable game to all its players. LAfter you register, go to the Lotteries section, locate El Gordo, choose your five numbers, plus the refund and purchase your ticket through our different forms of payment. Finally, you should be attentive to the results of the El Gordo lottery.

Additional information about El Gordo

Ticket prices: Buying an El Gordo ticket online has an affordable price, since it is 2.95 USD, an amount that should be considered as a short-term investment.

Draw Dates: El Gordo's official draws are every Sunday at 9:30 PM Spain time (Sundays at 2:30 PM in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Mexico time / Sundays at 4:30 PM in Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay time) and you can see the results that will be published immediately on our Somoslotto page.

Tips for El Gordo online

The first great tip is to play with the same combinations in all the draws, so in each new draw you will have more chances of winning. The second is the frequency of play, as you participate in more draws you will be closer to reaching the dream. The most important thing in the lottery is perseverance, so you must keep playing that the day will come when you least expect it.

Bettors in Spain and around the world love El Gordo for its unique concept and amazing prizes. The concept of a single drum with complementary balls proved to be very exciting for lottery lovers. The guaranteed jackpot that could make you a millionaire is another great reason to play El Gordo!

Don't waste any more time, if you are interested in this extraordinary way to invest in your most cherished dream, register at and join the millions of people who play the EL Gordo lottery. So that you are informed of everything about El Gordo, you can look for the latest news of this lottery and others in our news section.


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