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Australia - Powerball RESULTS

  • 3
  • 7
  • 20
  • 21
  • 25
  • 30
  • 31
  • 2

Prize Breakdown

  • Division
  • Match
  • Payout Per Winner
  • Prize 1
  • 7+1
  • $ 15,290,519.88
  • Prize 2
  • 7+0
  • $ 69,953.02
  • Prize 3
  • 6+1
  • $ 3,749.92
  • Prize 4
  • 6+0
  • $ 399.01
  • Prize 5
  • 5+1
  • $ 131.42
  • Prize 6
  • 5+0
  • $ 33.26
  • Prize 7
  • 4+1
  • $ 57.49
  • Prize 8
  • 3+1
  • $ 13.95
  • Prize 9
  • 2+1
  • $ 8.45

What is the Powerball AU?

The AU Powerball, or Australia Powerball, is a local version of the popular US Powerball lottery, which brings huge jackpots and large secondary prizes to Oceania. Similarly, Powerball AU is not the only lottery to take its name from the successful Powerball USA: Powerball New Zealand and Powerball South Africa also replicated the winning formula of their American counterpart.

Powerball AU is operated by a group known as the “Tatts Group”, through its “Lott” brand and its affiliates throughout Australia: “New South Wales Lottery” in New South Wales and Sydney, “Tattersalls” in Victoria, “ Golden Casket ”in Queensland and“ South Australian Lotteries ”in South Australia, with the exception of Western Australia, where“ Lotterywest ”, a government company, operates the Powerball AU lottery.

On January 17 of last year, a woman won the largest single prize in AU Powerball history - AU $ 107 million. The lucky winner lives in Sydney, is a mother, a health worker and the perfect definition of luck, as the probability of winning the jackpot in this lottery is 1 in 134.4 million.

How to play Powerball AU?

The rules of the game for Powerball AU are somewhat different from Powerball USA. For this reason, below, we will explain each of the steps you must follow to play this fast-paced lottery: Choose your 7 main numbers from the range 1 to 35, select an additional Powerball AU number between 1 and 20, and hit the 7 main numbers and the additional Powerball to win the jackpot (minimum AUD 3 million).

If we compare the Powerball USA with its Australian version, there is one more main number and this involves different levels of accuracy. However, it is more likely to win than the North American Powerball.

How to win the Powerball AU lottery?

There are 9 prizes in Powerball AU, including the jackpot. To win the first prize, players have to match the 7 main numbers plus the Powerball (additional). The minimum amount of the pot is 3 million AUD. With each accumulation, the prize becomes bigger and can reach unimaginable amounts.

This lottery has no limit, so you can increase your prize without stopping. The current record is AUD 107 million and it was won by a Sydney woman in January 2019. But there are 8 other prize categories for winning the Powerball AU and each one is worth playing this lottery.

Typically, Powerball AU has one winner per jackpot, while Powerball USA jackpots often have more than one winner. Prizes won in the Powerball AU are paid without tax. Winners of the Powerball USA must pay mandatory federal taxes and probably state taxes as well.

How much can I earn?

The millionaire starting jackpot of this lottery is 3 million Australian dollars. This amount will continue to grow each time there is no "jackpot" winner in the drawing. 2. The odds of winning one of the prizes are 1 in 44. And as mentioned above, the probability of winning the jackpot is 1 in 134.4 million.

In relation to the millionaire figures you could win, the highest Powerball AU record is a jackpot of 107 million Australian dollars, 9 figures of solid silver. This fabulous prize was won by just one person, as Powerball AU presents its jackpot to a single lucky winner.

Take note of the following advice: Your opportunities multiply with each ticket you buy, try to be decisive and constant that your lucky day could come very soon. Also, you can check the Powerball AU results in our "Results" section, under the "Lotteries" tab.

Just over a year ago, a lucky woman hit the Powerball AU jackpot by matching the 7 numbers and the bonus ball. The winner won nothing more and nothing less than 111 million AUD, proving that everyone can win this lottery, regardless of their gender, nationality, etc. Can you imagine being the next or the next?

How to buy a ticket on Powerball AU?

There are many ways to buy a ticket in Powerball AU, there is the traditional way, approaching a physical authorized store and buying your ticket in cash or with a card. Then fill out a coupon and choose the numbers you prefer manually, then your official Powerball AU ticket is printed. The other way is even simpler and more common today. Online, thanks to Somoslotto.

Powerball AU is available in its online version at for everyone from the comfort of your home and at any time you want. So is it possible to buy AU Powerball tickets without getting out of bed? The answer is yes. Keep reading this article and we'll tell you how to start fulfilling your dream of being a millionaire.

The first and perhaps the most important step is to create an account, go to, a page that guarantees a safe and reliable game to all its players. After registering, enter the Lotteries section, locate Powerball Australia, choose your seven numbers (7 naturals and an additional ball) and purchase your ticket through our different payment methods. Finally, you should keep an eye on the results of the Powerball AU lottery.

Additional information about Powerball AU

Ticket prices: Buying a Powerball AU ticket online is cheap at 1.57 USD, an affordable price.

Draw Dates: Australian Powerball official draws are held once a week. The appointment is on Thursday nights, at 8:30 PM local Australian time (Thursday at 4:30 AM in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Mexico time / Thursday at 6:30 AM in Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay time) and the results will be published on our Somoslotto page in a few minutes.

Tips for Powerball AU online

The first great tip is to play with the same combinations in all the draws, so in each new draw you will have more chances of winning. The second is the frequency of play, as you participate in more draws you will be closer to reaching the dream. The most important thing in the lottery is perseverance, so you must keep playing that the day will come when you least expect it.

Bettors in Australia and around the world are fascinated by Powerball AU for its unique concept and extraordinary prizes. The concept of a single drum with complementary balls proved to be very exciting for lottery lovers. The guaranteed jackpot that could make you a millionaire is another great reason to play Powerball AU!

Don't waste any more time reading, if you are interested in this amazing way to invest in your biggest dream, register at and join the millions of people who play the Powerball AU lottery. To stay informed of everything about Powerball AU, you can look for the latest news of this lottery and others in our news section.


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